At London 2012, for the first time in the history of the Olympic Games, women were allowed to compete in the boxing ring.

Following the International Olympic Committee’s decision to include women’s amateur boxing in the tournament, the world’s elite female fighters competed across three weight categories: flyweight (48-51kg); lightweight (56-60kg) and middleweight (69-75kg) for Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.

Down at the local boxing gyms of Yorkshire, girls and women, mothers and daughters, athletes and novices were in gloves; boxing to keep fit or lose weight. Boxing for confidence and to build self-esteem. Boxing for self defence, or to let off steam. And some boxing to win, like Nicola Adams.

Girls in the Ring was granted the London 2012 Inspire mark, the badge of the London 2012 Inspire programme, which recognises exceptional and innovative projects inspired by the 2012 Games.

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