An exhibition by Freedom Women Collective

Tomorrow is an enduring reference to hope, belief and self-determination. In every language, tomorrow can be a promise, a practical arrangement or a philosophical proposition. It is always a way of looking to the future, together.

Freedom Women Collective are women who survived war, conflict and persecution: artists Arafa Gouda, Nisreen Barazi, Gaida Dirar, Shuke Halake Aeroro and Faisa Omar. The artists weave stories from Ethiopia, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Sudan using visual and textile art, sculpture, performance, poetry and photography. At the heart of the exhibition, their slideshow film Tomorrow is an exploration of ownership of representation and memory of displacement. During the festival and on Saturdays, the collective invited members of the public to special events in the studio to share experiences of loss, resistance, resilience and survival.

An IWM 14-18 NOW Legacy Fund commission in partnership with Freedom Festival Arts Trust. With Lee Karen Stow and curator Sarah Parks.
The Ferens, Hull August 30-September 27, 2023.

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